A Living Feast Link Love 9

More links to love on this beautiful autumn day:

Free Online Piano Lessons

Have you heard of Hoffman Academy yet? My children have been learning to play the piano through this website. Mr Hoffman is a fun music teacher and his videos are very good. All of the videos are free and if you’d like materials to practice, you can purchase them, but this is not necessary. And don’t miss the short finger puppet skit at the end of each video.

Habits: Attention and Obedience

Charlotte Mason taught on creating habits for children and 2 of the most important habits to instill in our children would be the habits of attention and obedience. In this post, Amy from Living and Learning at Home shares what she has been learning while reading Mason’s book Home Education.

Homeschooling out of fear

There are many reasons to choose to homeschool and some of those reasons are born out of fear. Sarah MacKenzie shares on The Simple Homeschool why this does not work.

Want to be an MIT student?

Do you ever wish you could take some university classes that you never got a chance to take? I just found out that MIT offers many classes online free of charge for anyone to take. Interested in literature? Why not try a Renaissance Literature class? Or maybe a History course on The Royal Family? This would be a great way for us as parents (or even for teenagers who are advanced in a subject) to get a deeper education than we ever received.

Insecure Children

Rachel from  A Mother Far From Home shares a surprising reason children feel insecure. It’s all about boundaries and it is very interesting to read.



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