A Living Feast Link Love 8

Another Friday…Another Link Love 🙂

Charlotte Mason and Motivation

Do children need flattery and bribes to motivate them to work? Not according to Charlotte Mason. This is what Brandy explains in her new post”Sorry Son, you’ve been CM’ed”on the After Thoughts blog.

Decluttering our homes

Have you noticed that you work better in a space that is uncluttered? I know I do! And I have also noticed that this is true for my kids. They do schoolwork better and even play better in an organized space. This post will give you tips on how to declutter your home.

Homeschooling and being an extravert

You may already know that both Renee and I (Gen), are introverted. But what about you extroverts out there? Here is a good post for extraverted homeschooling mamas by Sarah McKenzie.

Family Worship

Family worship is an important part of the christian family and this is a resource to help you make it happen.

Taking care of our health while homeschooling

Sometimes we pour ourselves so much into what we are doing that we don’t keep our health in check. Here are 6 simple tips on taking care of your health while homeschooling.

Artist freebie

I love Enrichment Studies for art appreciation and composer study. Each month they offer a freebie and today is the last day of the month, so it is the last day to grab the Grant Wood fine art pages. You can also check out this link tomorrow to see what the October freebie will be.


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