A Living Feast Link Love 7

It’s already our 7th Link Love post and we are enjoying sharing with you what we find on the web. So here are some links we’d like to share this week:

Free Charlotte Mason ebook

Simply Charlotte Mason has some great resources and some of them are free! This ebook, Masterly Inactivity, is available for free. Renee spoke about this ebook on her post yesterday.

Birds of North America

I love this online bird guide! Often when we read a chapter of the Burgess Bird Book for Children, we will then head on over to this site to search the bird(s) described in that particular chapter and then we’ll listen to its call, see what it looks like and learn a few more things about the bird. I also love to find birds on this part of the John James Audubon site, where we can see his beautiful paintings of birds. They are just lovely.

Having children is more than worth it

This is a good post about how we use the word sacrifice to describe having children. It’s one that made me reflect.

Learning Videos

Are you a member of RightNow Media? If your church has a membership to this site, make sure to check out the Molly Green Homeschooling section where you and your children can watch many learning videos. If you don’t have a RightNow Media membership, you can still check out some Molly Green Homeschooling articles here.

Free Audio books

Have you discovered Loyal Books yet? Or Librivox? These sites offer free audiobooks that you can listen to online or even download and burn onto a CD. The books are all in the public domain and are read by volunteers. They have a good selection of classic children’s literature and more. You can also use the Loyal Books app to listen to these books. We sometimes use this app to play a couple chapters for the kids at bedtime. My kids are especially enjoying Burgess books (Reddy Fox is what they are listening to now).


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