A Living Feast Link Love 6

Today is a busy Friday for our family as we prepare to have a Street Party with our neighbors tomorrow. This is such an exciting time to get to know our neighbors, form friendships with the people who live next door and share our lives with them. It is always a fun day full of food, games and even a science show! This is our family’s 3rd street party here, but it is the street’s 16th year doing it. And it was all started by the people who used to live in our house… So we have kept up with the tradition and are now helping to organize it.

But you’re probably wondering what gems we have found around the web this week, so here goes:

New Picture Studies from SCM

Simply Charlotte Mason has some great Picture Study Portfolios and they now have 3 new portfolios available. Johannes Vermeer is one of the artists available in the new portfolios. That reminds me… Have you seen the documentary Tim’s Vermeer? What a fascinating movie.


A trick to help a struggling reader

From Generation Cedar, Kelly shares a new trick she has learned to help a struggling reader. It’s new to me too and it sounds quite simple, but it makes sense.

Help for parents of advanced readers

Remember the PBS TV show Reading Rainbow? I do! I watched it a lot as a child and now they have a website, an app & this week I even found a Reading Rainbow DVD at the library. This article from their website talks about how to encourage and help an advanced reader while keeping them challenged.

Initiating: training children to do it

Want your children to do things without you asking them to do it?  This post from Sally Clarkson is all about training our kids in initiative.

A book list for boys

Here is a list of 100 books that boys would especially enjoy. The list is divided into age categories too.


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