A Living Feast Link Love 5

Another week has flown by and we are already Friday. That means it’s link love time! If you have any links that you’ve enjoyed this week, let us know in the comments.

Have a struggling reader?

Sarah MacKenzie from The Read Aloud Revival has a podcast on what to do with a struggling reader. In it she talks with Marie Rippel from All About Learning Press.

Clarkson Book List

In The Life Giving Home (which I am currently reading, as you’ll see here), Sally and Sarah Clarkson mention how they love books. Reading books aloud as a family is something that they’ve treasured and so they have included a list of some of their favourite books on The Life Giving Home website. This list can be an inspiration for us to find good read alouds.

Musings from a first-year teacher

This is an interesting read from the Circe Institute where a teacher who has just started teaching at a classical school reflects on the responsibility that she has as a teacher.

Swedish Drill How-to Videos

We’ve mentioned Charlotte Mason and Swedish Drills before, but what if you could see what this type of physical education looks like? Here is a handy link from the AfterThoughts blog. (It’s also pretty cute to see these kids doing the drills).

Keeping a clean house while homeschooling

Oh yes, this is something I’m sure many homeschooling mamas struggle with. Here, Sara from Classically Homeschooling gives us 7 resources that can be helpful for us to have a clean house.



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