A Living Feast Link Love 3

Have you started your school year yet? We started this week and it feels good to be settling back into a school routine. As a result of the craziness of starting up a school year again, I haven’t been online very much this week, but here are some good links that we have found.

A challenge to spend more time outside

Here is a good challenge related to this week’s post by Renee. The 1,000 Hours Outside Challenge! Check this out if you have a desire for your kids to spend more time out of doors.

Getting Started with Nature Studies

Not sure where to start with nature study? Check out this guest post on After Thoughts. It has practical information & it is full of quotes from  Charlotte Mason.

Online Homeschool Planner

Simply Charlotte Mason has an online homeschooling planner. It is very well organised and looks easy to use and quite fantastic. They have a free basic version and a more thorough paid version.

Reading classic children’s stories online

I love finding classic children’s stories and there are a lot of them that I am not familiar with, so I was excited to learn about  The Baldwin Project. This is a cool site that has tons of stories that you can read online.

How to do a Charlotte Mason Picture Study

Want to include art appreciation in your homeschool? Here is a great resource to help you learn how to do a picture study, Charlotte Mason style.

One great place to get online art for picture study is Enrichment Studies. They always have a monthly freebie too!





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