A Living Feast Link Love 2

Here is another Link Love post where we share some of our favorite links from the week.

Why use the Charlotte Mason Philosophy

A Delectable Education has a podcast called “Why use the Charlotte Mason Philosophy”. This is the very first episode from this site and it is only a 17 minute long podcast. Perfect for us busy mamas. It’s a great introduction to the Charlotte Mason philosophy and a good encouragement for those of us who doubt our abilities as homeschooling parents.

Morning Baskets

Do you use Morning Baskets? Listen to this enjoyable podcast “What is Morning Time ” By Cindy Rollins & Pam Barnhill for a great intro to this concept that can change the way you do school.

Hymns at Home

If you are looking to introduce your kids to more hymns (maybe during morning time), check out this great resource. You can find sheet music, youtube videos and more on many hymns.

What I wished I knew about homeschooling

Here, Brandy Vencel writes a post called “Looking Back : What I wished I knew about homeschooling” on the Teaching Reading with Bob Books site. It’s always good to learn from moms who have been homeschooling for a long time. This post is especially geared towards moms of young ones in the early homeschooling years. It is an encouraging read.

Preparation Tips for the new Homeschool Year

Molly Green has a great Homeschooling section. This post mentions the physical and spiritual preparations that we can do before a new school year.

Want to Write Better?

The Boston Globe published an interesting article called “Want to write better? Read better writing” by Megan Scudellari. An interesting quote from this post says that “Past studies found that making students read more in classrooms had more impact on their writing than making students write more.”.


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