Letting Children Create

Children love being creative.

If we observe children’s play, we will see that they are very creative: playing make-believe, inventing stories, drawing, building, etc.  This is a very natural part of being a child; I would even say that it’s a very natural part of being human. Sarah Clarkson describes this in The Life Giving Home by saying that we are “filled with the same creative energy that formed the cosmos”(p.39). God is creative and He has made us to be creative too.


More often than not, I don’t even need to give my children an idea of what to create. I just need to give them tools to create. Today those tools were colored paper, scissors, glue & crayons. On other days it’s building blocks, play food or maybe costumes.


Giving time for children to be creative and play freely every day is an important part of their education that we cannot forget about. If our children’s daily schedules are too filled up with school work or too much screen time, they will be missing out on this vital part of their growth.

This is part of why I love Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education. She encouraged having short lessons on a variety of subjects and then there would be time for the non-academic parts of education. This can look different for different families. But if you’re looking for what this could look like practically, I encourage you to take a look at this post on scheduling a Charlotte Mason homeschooling day.



One thought on “Letting Children Create

  1. I agree with you, we often don’t need to give them something to create, just the tools for them to be inspired to do so.

    I also notice that creativity comes in many forms, here “creative play” is often inspired by what we are reading. Kiddos become the story, they act it out, create new songs about it, drawing scene from it , and sometime poems.

    I love seeing it unfold each and everyday!


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