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We love finding good content on the web: blog posts, podcasts, etc. These often help us in our homeschools or encourage us as homeschooling moms. So here are a few links from around the web that we have found especially helpful this week:

Latin & Free Homeschooling Resources

I just discovered Compass Classroom and saw that they have a free section. I was especially interested in looking at this DVD for homeschool encouragement and saw that I could watch the introduction and the first session for free. The DVD is now on sale, so I am tempted to get it. This is also a good website to get resources in Latin if this is what you’re using for foreign language study.

Little House Resources

The Magical Childhood blog has a section just for Little House resources! We are currently reading Little House in the Big Woods, so I was excited to find this page. If you’re reading any of the Little House books, check out this site to give you ideas on activities you could do with your children.

Podcast on The Role of the Teacher 

If you haven’t discovered A Delectable Education yet, go check out their website! This is a great podcast all about the Charlotte Mason way of homeschooling. This week I listened to Podcast #3: The Role of the Teacher. It was such a good reminder of what my role is in my children’s education.

Free Homeschool Planner

This time of year is full of planning for the school year and My Humble Kitchen has a great free Charlotte Mason style homeschool planner that you can print out.  This planner is pretty & practical.

Read Aloud Revival Podcast

What is the most important part in teaching our children to read? Find out by listening to this bonus podcast from the Read Aloud Revival podcast at Amongst Lovely Things.

Habit Training

In this post on Simply Charlotte Mason, Sonya Shafer states that “It is the parent’s business to lay down and maintain the rails of good habits in a child’s life.” You can read the post or listen to the audio blog and learn about the parents’ role in creating good habits for our children.

Physical Education… The Charlotte Mason Way

Have you ever wondered if there was a Charlotte Mason approach for physical education? Have you heard of Swedish Drill? Learn more about it here on this podcast from The Mason Jar.

Simply Charlotte Mason also has a free resource called the Swedish Drill Teacher. Check it out!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Link Love.




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