Some Library Finds

Hello readers. A little change-up today: I am Genieve, one of Renee’s good friends. Renee and I met more than 12 years ago in university and we share some similar passions and we even share a rare personality type (INFJ). We are now both homeschooling moms who love the Charlotte Mason approach.

ren gen

I am using Ambleside year 1 as my main guide for this year. When I started to look into Ambleside for this school year, it was spring time and we were approaching the end of our relaxed kindergarten year. I just couldn’t wait anymore. I had 6 weeks left of school before we were off for a family vacation, so I started early. My son turned 6 in december and I knew he was ready to start year 1. I am so glad I did! It gave me an idea of what this school year will look like, it helped me to figure out a good daily rhythm and my son is asking me now (during our summer break) to read from those books we started in spring. For the last few days, he has been saying that he is looking forward to starting school again. So yesterday, we took a trip to the library and I stocked up on some books. Here are some of my finds:


We are a bilingual family, so I am always on the lookout for French Living books. I did find a French version of Huckleberry Finn, but I’ll have to take a look at it to see how good it is. I also love to find fairy tales and fables in French, so I picked up a big pink book full of  stories.


I have been reading The Secret Garden to the children as a bedtime story but I only have it as an ebook. I was excited to find it today at the library as a real book! It feels so much better to read a physical book. My eyes are especially thankful.

Using the library is such a good way to find books for your homeschool. Sometimes I don’t like going to the public library with my children as they are attracted to the ipads full of kid games, the comic books and all sorts of twaddle. But I can’t imagine homeschooling without the help of our local library. More often now, I place holds online on the books that I want and then pick them up as I run into the library. It does make for a nice family outing though and so we do try to go about once a month.

Do you have any good library finds lately?


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