Best books to learn about Charlotte Mason Philosophy

You have come to the conclusion that home educating your precious offspring is a calling and a challenge that is best suited for your family. Congratulation! Now comes the overwhelming task of how do we get about it. There are many different philosophies, methods, and curriculum are available for us today that you may soon that you are sinking down  into a sea of options. Here are the books that helped me with my focus on using a Charlotte Mason approach within our home school.


The original Homeschooling series written by Charlotte Mason herself are great resources for anyone who want to dip deep into the philosophy. Mason was a pioneer for advocating a particular type of education that focused on educating the child as a whole person. She developed an education based on these three principles. Education is: An Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life. By atmosphere is talks about the child environment, this include in the classroom and nature studies. By discipline, she encourage the training of good habits. Finally, life, is represented by living books,  ideas and staying away from dry facts.


If reading the original six volume is a but daunting, lets face it we are busy mothers after all, there is an alternative. For The Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer  Macaulay will present all those great ideas that Mason wrote about, but in a very practical shorter version.

This book is a must read for any parents who are considering educating their children at home. You will for in love with the great principle that will encourage you to create a home where learning is at its heart.



I read When Children Love to Learn at the end of last year, my memory is a bit blurry but from what I remember this book was a follow-up to From the Children sake.

I think the biggest addition in this book was a few chapters on with examples on how Mason ran her school. From what the kids learned to how their day was scheduled.
I would recommend this book to those who needs more practical application on this type of education.


When digging around and trying to figure out all those lovely different homeschooling approach you will surely come across classical education when poking around Charlotte Mason.

Consider this  by Karen Glass, explain how the two can come together and why this works.


And Finally one last book that should be in your Charlotte Mason book shelve is Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola . 107616This book as everything you need to learn about the Mason philosophy presented in a clear and practical way.

The best way to appreciate this book is in small chunk, reading one chapter here and there, letting all the information sink slowly in.


What about you, is there other books that would add in this list of Charlotte Mason education series?


3 thoughts on “Best books to learn about Charlotte Mason Philosophy

      1. From a practical standpoint, she clarifies the aids to History – Book of Centuries, History Charts and timelines and other many good an interesting uses in her chapter “Gallery of Forms.” On a soul level she helped me deal with my perfectionism by reframing the idea of keeping, and notebooking with was outcome oriented. She says, “They become the means of grace in education. Traditionally, Lectio Divina has four separate steps: read, meditate, pray and contemplate… these paper graces – the notebooks call for the reading, meditating, praying and contemplation that lead to true education. (p 100 The Living Page) This portion is actually discussing CM’s insistence that we must not separate the intellectual and the spiritual. But this and other quotes opened up a part of me that was locked up by an emphasis on the product and not the process. (Hope this makes sense!)

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