Read aloud book series that will make your kids ask for “just one more chapter”

Books have a way to transport you to a new time and place, creating a whole new world in your mind. Book series is a whole new level, you can stay in that imaginary world for more than one book.

Do you remember the first series you read when you were young, the one that kept you reading late into the night? I remember reading Anne of Green Gables and the sheer excitement when I realized that Anne was growing up and I could read her in Anne of Avonlea follow her along , for 6 books. I remember sitting and devouring each and every single books of the series.

My kids are still young and love being read aloud. I love seeing them act out the stories, during their playtime, even more when they talk about their favorite book to their friends.

Without further ado, here are our favorite read aloud book series


I mentioned earlier Anne of Green Gables series has being my fist love and it certainly is a great pleasure to share it with my own kids.

Anne is an orphan girls that get adopted by an elderly brother and sister couple who lives on a little island in Canada called Prince Edward Island. Marilla and Mathew were expecting a boy, of about 12, old enough to help Matthew on the farm. To their great surprise a girl, with her heard full of stories and imagination, was waiting for them at the train station.

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s writing will sure captivate the imagination of your little one.

I read The Chronicles of Narnia as an adult and must admit that I couldn’t put the books do11127wn.

Narnia is a land created in between worlds, by a lion named Aslan , and we move from our world to Narnia all throughout the seven books. Narnia is a magical land, full of talking animals and creatures and where there is an epic battle between good and evil.

C.S Lewis was able to create a classic that all ages would enjoy. His stories have so many layers and meaning that you can read them over and over and always learn something new.



Hogwarts, Potter, Lord Voldemort. If you have never heard those name, where have you been!

Harry Potter was an orphan boy, adopted by his, not so nice aunt and uncle, living in the cupboard under the stairs. For the first 11 years of is life, he had never heard of magic nor did anybody told him that he parents were a wizard and a witch.  Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry meant nothing to him. He was even unaware of how his parents really died or how he got that strange lightning scare on his forehead. But all this was going to change, with a letter address to him inviting him to Hogwarts.

Harry’s  magical adventures are about friendship, loyalty and destiny. I promise you, after a few chapters your kids will be hook.


Little house on the prairie books are another classic that we love to read aloud.

Laura is a spunky little girl always ready for adventure, she along with Pa, Ma and her sisters with be moving and settling on the prairie many time. They will experience hardship and loss but as long as they are together they know everything is going to be alright.


How about you, what is your favorite read aloud book series?


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